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Yet Another Habit App?

yaha is a habit app with a twist: it treats you like an adult.

it knows life has its ups and downs, and expects your habits to have them too. so it won’t complain if you miss a day, because it’s not built on all-or-nothing streaks.

yaha brings focus and clarity to your day-to-day life. it’s there as you start your day and end it, tying multiple habits together for less friction and more flow.

it’ll remind you if you ask it to, but will gradually back away if you stop showing up.

it checks in on how you’re feeling, so you can reflect, get things off your chest and notice your patterns over time.

habits shouldn’t be that hard to form. let yaha journey with you as you evolve from the current version of yourself, to the next.

Charli Marie @charliprangley
replying to @fredrivett

I've never been able to stick with an app for habit tracking before, but I'm sure as heck looking forward to trying yours out!